janine evers

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Artist’s Statement & Bio

I grew up in New York, spent a few years in southern Florida, and lived for 11 years in West Hartford, CT.  Missing being closer to the ocean and the intensity of light by the shore, I recently relocated to Provincetown, MA.

My work explores the structure of things, both internally and externally, breaking down forms into colorful, linear abstractions. My focus is on inventing a personal imagery of evolving, organic forms, the relationships of color, how images exist together in the space, and striving to create both a sense of connectedness and separateness in the interactions of the forms. I am fascinated by how, on the surface, nature appears to be chaotic with so many elements and life forms all struggling to exist together. But upon looking more deeply one can see the odd and beautiful order that nature creates of life’s chaos. My paintings are explorations of this odd order; about making sense of small portions of the complexity of it all, and about creating a visual interpretation of the outer and inner world.

*The titles of my paintings are taken from lines of poetry written by my mother who passed away in 2008. She was a poet and a painter. These titles are in homage to the memory of her and her influence on my work as an artist.